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Is Wellmet for Me?

Wellmet provides a certain amount of structure and a certain amount of independence.  As everyone is different and at different points in their recovery, it is important to understand your needs and limitations, and fully understand what is expected of you during your stay at Wellmet.  While one person may feel that Wellmet doesn’t provide enough structure, another may feel it is oppressive and too limiting.

The requirement that you be with Wellmet people at least four evenings a week is a point to consider.  If you have other evening activities (job, school, etc.) that you can not reschedule, then in time you may come to resent the milieu requirement because you’ll have no “free” evenings to spend with friends or family.  One of the reasons you would come to Wellmet is to have the support of staff and companionship of other residents, and that will only happen in the evenings.

Day activities are strictly defined as work, school, a day treatment program, and a volunteer or paid job.  Going to the gym, writing a book, or practicing a musical instrument are noble activities, but they do not count as day structure. They are good activities, but they would have to be done during your free time.

If you have a substance abuse issue, there are additional considerations:  you would start off with a curfew of 10:00 p.m. (it will be extended as you develop trust with the staff), you would have to get a breathalyzer (that we would hold and administer to you frequently), you would have random drug tests, and you must engage in treatment for addictions (this could be AA or an addictions counselor).  Overnights could only be taken at a parent’s home and must be verified first by staff.  We are not a dual diagnoses program, but this additional structure has been sufficient for people who need some structure and accountability but are not yet ready to live on their own.

Finally, while we are transitional, we do want people to commit to at least six months of living here.  It takes a month or two to settle in, a couple of months to make progress on goals, and then a month or so to plan a safe transition out.  A shorter length of stay takes away a sense of stability for the home and does not give you proper time to address your issues.