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If after reviewing this site, you would like more information, please contact the office by phone. If you would like to apply to Wellmet, the following steps must be followed.


An application is initiated by a referring party. This must be a licensed social worker, therapist, psychopharmacologist, etc. Applicants cannot be self-referred. At this time, basic requirements of the program are reviewed and bed availability is determined. The application is filled out jointly by the referring party and the applicant. The application may be downloaded here.

Initial Meetings at the Wellmet Office

Upon receipt in the office of the completed application and an accompanying psychiatric narrative, the applicant will be contacted by the Wellmet office. Preliminary concerns will be discussed at this time, and if it seems this would be a beneficial placement, interviews/visits will be scheduled. The initial contact will be an "orientation meeting" at the Wellmet office. This will always be on a Monday afternoon at 2:30. There may be several applicants present at this meeting. This first meeting consists primarily of a Wellmet representative giving a general overview of the program and answering basic questions people may have. Family members are encouraged to participate in this first meeting. The second meeting will occur shortly after in the office will be a private interview with the applicant and Wellmet’s clinical team. During this meeting, we will try to understand what the individual is struggling with and how we may best help them achieve their goals.

House Visits

If it is felt by both the Wellmet staff and the applicant that this is potentially a beneficial placement, then the applicant will be taken to the home that we feel would have the best "fit." The applicant will arrive at the house at approximately 6:00 p.m. for a "visit." Visits take place between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., and start off with a tour of the house and an introduction to the staff and residents. This is followed shortly by dinner and afterwards people just "hang out" and talk. It is very important that the applicant make every effort to connect with others and ask questions about the house and the program. We expect the applicant to ask others if they like living at Wellmet, what they don't like about the program, etc., so that the applicant is fully informed.

If the initial visit went well, then there will be at least two other visits scheduled. This second visit will be either a Tuesday or Wednesday evening, and will take place between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Please come on time so that you can have dinner with people. We encourage family members to have a tour of the home and meet people and this should occur during the beginning or end of one of the first two visits. This is to minimize the inconvenience and privacy issues to the other residents.

The third and final visit will be on the night of the house meeting (Wednesday evening for the Leonard Avenue house, Thursday for the Powder House and William Street homes). The individual arrives at 6:00 p.m. as before and the evening will proceed as before on the earlier visits, but at 7:30 p.m. he or she will be interviewed at the house meeting by the residents. The questions may be seen in advance, and it is a step all staff and residents at the house go through. Following the scripted questions, there is an opportunity for residents to ask other questions, and finally the applicant is given an opportunity to ask his or her own questions. At the conclusion of this process, the applicant is excused from the meeting and feedback from the residents is collected. The executive director will consider this and comments from the staff, and then meet privately with the applicant. If both parties are in agreement that Wellmet is an appropriate placement, then the applicant may move in the next day. If accepted, the applicant is financially responsible starting the day after the meeting, even if they do not move in at this time.

Initial Payment

The initial payment must be made in full at the time of the move-in. It will be of 2 parts: a prorated payment based on the individual's fee and the move-in date, and a one time $650 application and processing fee. The latter fee is nonrefundable and covers the costs associated with processing an application. The initial payment must be in the form of a bank check/money order unless other arrangements were made. Thereafter, the individual (or a family member, if designated) will receive an invoice towards the end of the month for the following month. The payment is due in the office by the 5th.