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Agency Profile

Wellmet is a tax exempt, 501 (c) (3) organization. We are totally independent in our operations and governance. As a charitable organization, any donations made are tax deductible to the full extent as allowed by law. We are greatly appreciative of donations of cash as this allows us to keep our client fees low and continue to provide a high level of service. Donations of household goods are also appreciated if they are in like new condition.

Wellmet has a volunteer Board of Directors that consists of leaders of the local community, mental health professionals, and former residents and staff. They provide overall oversight and strategic planning to the agency. Office and daily agency management is provided by the Executive Director. The fact that there is only one person in the Wellmet office helps to keep our costs low and thus remain affordable to our residents. Management and administrative overhead amounts to less than 10% of Welllmet’s budget, so any donations made to Wellmet goes directly to program services.